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Prices for hardwood chips traded internationally increased 1.3%

Prices for hardwood chips traded overseas increased 1.3% in January,2015, but were still 5.8% lower than in early 2014, according to theFOEX PIX-HCG Index Prices for hardwood chip shipped over the Pacific Rim and the Atlantic to markets in Asia and Europe have trended downward for more than three years. However, inDecember 2014 and January […]

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JAS Formula for Pine Logs Measurement

JAS FORMULAE For logs less than 6 m long V = D^2 *L/10000  where D is the shortest diameter in centimetres L = length in metres  V = volume in cubic metres  2. For logs equal to or greater than 6 m long  V = (D + (L’-4)/2)^2 * (L/10000) Where D is the shortest diameter […]

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Warning Bells – Logs export to China may slow down dramatically

Log exports to China are expected to slow down after surging in recent years. The red hot Chinese demand for U.S. timber is beginning to cool due to overbuilding, according to a forest economist.“While we don’t expect a collapse in log exports, we expect exports to slow in the next five years,” said Rocky Goodnow, […]

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Lumber price to go high

Sawlog prices trended upward throughout the world in the 4Q 2013 and the Global Sawlog Price Index (GSPI) rose to US-$ 88.78/m³. This was the highest level in over two years and the third highest price on record since 1995, reports Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ). Upward price movements the past year have been the highest […]

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West Fraser and Canfor closed mills in BC- Pine Beatle effects supplies

Forestry giants Canfor and West Fraser announced Thursday they will close two Interior sawmills next year because the pine beetle epidemic has gutted their timber supply. The closures, which also involve a swap of timber harvesting rights between the two companies, will result in 434 job losses in the communities of Quesnel and Houston. “Closing […]