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Cypress Lumber for India, Pakistan-SriLanka-Vietnam

A substitute to teak wood. 10 times more resistant to termites . 10 year warranty of replacement. Can be used in ground , indoor and or outdoor without toxic and expensive termite treatments. Durability and life is 5 times more than any other wood. Interested May 604 832 0105 [ WhatsApp Available ]

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Sitka Spruce For Australia and New Zealand

Sitka Spruce is a species of coniferous evergreen tree native to the west coast of North America, from Alaska down to California. It is highly valued for its strong, lightweight wood and is used in a wide range of applications, from musical instruments to aircraft construction. In this presentation, we will explore the various aspects […]

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Canfor reducing Canadian lumber production

“It looks like one wave of temporary curtailments after another,” said Jeff Bromley, United Steelworkers Union wood council chairperson. “I just got wind that Tolko (Industries) is taking some down time as well, throughout its B.C. plants.” The latest production cuts, however, come at the end of a year in which inflation and higher interest […]

Douglas Fir Logs
Business Offers Coastal Douglas Fir Douglas Fir Pine timber and lumber


Douglas Fir is used for indoor , outdoor and as structural application. Well known for its strength and beauty of grains and for ease of handling on machines and tools. Douglas Fir logs are being exported to various countries like China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Middle east and Europe. Contact: ivongill@gilltimbers.comSkype: ivon.gillPhone: +1 604 832 0105

Gidgee Wood- Australian Hardwoods
Australia Hardwoods Hardwood Hardwoods timber and lumber

Gidgee Wood- Australian Hardwoods

Common Name(s): Gidgee, stinking wattle, purple gidgee Scientific Name: Acacia cambagei Distribution: Endemic to Australia Tree Size: 20-40 ft (6-12 m) tall,                  1 ft (.3 m) trunk diameter Average Dried Weight: 72 lbs/ft3 (1,150 kg/m3) Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .93, 1.15 Color/Appearance: Heartwood is medium to dark reddish brown, sometimes with darker streaks. Sharply […]

Mulgawood from Australia
Business Offers Hardwood Hardwoods timber and lumber

Mulga Wood- Hardwoods Australia

Common Name(s): Mulga Gill Timbers exporting hardwoods from Australia. Mulga Wood as known in Australia is way beautiful, hard and reliable than teak. Scientific Name: Acacia aneura Distribution: Australia Comments: A very heavy hardwood growing in dry regions of Australia. A small tree or shrub, the wood is usually used for furniture and door frames. […]

Structural Lumber
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Canadian Softwood Grading System

North America- Lumber Grades and Sizes Lumber is graded for different applications and usage. Canadian and American mills grade their lumber which are certified by respective govt policies and procedures.  How it looks: Applications where look and display is important – durability, grain, colour and amount of clear lumber plays important role. For Example, grains […]

Canadian Douglas Fir
Business Offers Coastal Douglas Fir Douglas Fir timber and lumber

Constructional Lumber- Douglas Fir

Due to its strength, Douglas-fir is primarily used for building and construction. It is hard and resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for uses where wear is a factor, such as wharves, trestles, bridge parts, log homes and commercial buildings.n structures such as home, barns, and garages, the main function of a truss is to […]

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Law proposed to strengthen Forest Products Export.

Canadians have experienced supply chain challenges firsthand and the impacts that come with them, like the rising cost of everyday products. More recently, existing supply chain issues were exacerbated by extreme climate events, changes in trade patterns, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is why the Government of Canada is taking concrete action to strengthen […]