1. COST EFFECTIVE:  Right from value of timber to getting clearance done and transportation – cost matters a lot. While logs have 5% duty, sawn wood has 14.7% . Important factor is to know how big DIA logs you require for your use. Its smart calculation which can be done accurately or randomly but always purchase what is required.
  2. USD fluctuation: Either you are importing or we- USD fluctuation effects not only cost, custom clearance but also involves investment in imports. So, we have to plan storage, buffer stocks taking in view of transport time which is 45-50 days but added days are consumed due to port congestions and loading of container at base ports.
  3. COST DIFFERENCE :  Lumber is expensive even if we try to buy AD because wastage and labor in USD is there + custom duty makes it further expensive. Lumber should only be brought when it is required exclusively.
  4. HAVING ALL PARAFILLIA : If one has machines, Kilns and know-how you can not only save huge money but also can have freedom to use any size , any time you want rather waiting for 2 months and then cutting wood according to requirement.
  5. MANAGEMENT: in fact this whole operation needs a intelligent supervisor. Right from procuring of logs, cutting and managing kiln requires little management. I have seen people storing logs without bark [ Bark keeps moisture in ] and then cutting logs in squares and again storing them and they cut squares later when they require. So here, operation happens at three level.

Level 1: Sorting logs according to size and get them unbarked and store Level 2: Making squares and keeping them in store and Level 3: Getting them cut in required sizes.

For example: If I need 500 CFT – I will use squared wood to be cut because moisture is reduced as comparable to moisture in log. And as soon as I consume 500CFT- next day, I will order to re-filling the stock of squares. This technique is being used in pallet industry also where moisture content is a issue. Here we have to remember that storage in airy space is most important factor- places which are close to coast can put polythene sheet and cover the LUMBER well so that moist air don’t effect. Logs with bark doesn’t matter much if they are not exposed to directly to rain.

  1. WORKING WITH VARIOUS WOODS : Douglas Fir has no comparison with any wood in weight bearing capacity. And advantage of working with this wood is its adaptability and quickness to be seasoned. Douglas Fir can be cut and seasoned in a way explained above in commercial work. By the time – we cut them in required sizes- moisture level will come down and thus we save time and energy of KILN also. SPRUCE is further a different use and it has advantages but its not used in weight bearing genre. One more wood which is internationally renowned is SYP and HEMLOCK. SYP has fewer knots and its grain is long and as deep as Douglas Fir. HEMLOCK is second best wood which can be used in countries having warm weathers. Light colored wood- Hemlock is loved in interiors where shade and color required is ‘light’ as Douglas Fir is deep and dark colored wood …Japanese loves HEMLOCK in interiors !
    Having said all – its understanding and experience of working with wood which in last gives satisfaction and saves lot of money.
  2. DIA-CBM-COST: As I explained above, most important thing is to understand what is required. If we don’t need 12” width – we should avoid ordering bigger DIA. Bigger DIA will be expensive [ It goes close to veneer grade ] CBM’s will be loaded less because bigger the log- more is weight and filling of container also effects. You can have a rough calculation of how much BIG DIA logs are required- and depending upon reputation with supplier- you can request to load 10-20-30 % of logs of big DIA. This saves lot of money in purchase and in ground handling.
  3. TRANSPORTATION: Shipment from USA-CANADA takes 45-50 days to reach.  So, we need to have buffer stock keeping in tune with this period.
  4. LESS INVESTMENT: Logs are less investment and can be used in multipurpose ways. Even first cut from the log [ with bark ] is used in exteriors as well as in interiors by reputed architects. J
  5. ANDROID APPLICATION: Gill Timbers International has developed World’s first android application for timber and lumber trade and business- as soon as there is any offer which appeals you- contact immediately – this saves money and time both.